Bridges, bridges, bridges… again!

My Dear Colleagues and Friends, old and new! It is with my great Pleasure and Hope I want to express my deep gratitude and appreciation of your strong-patient Support and enthusiasm for our upcoming AMEROPA’S New page, in our 27-28-29 years of history!
A lot of good and not so good things happened during those 3 “haibornating” years…
We lost, very unfortunately!, some of our important musicians – colleagues and friends… 
And we’re going to remember their love to chamber music. So, we will do what needs for their memories in Ameropa’s future. 
Ahead of us is still a challenge to prove our mutual fate in Chamber music as our “tool” of global Collaboration – with our strong belief that 
Today, as before, our Goals are not “diminuendo-ing”, but “crescendo poco a poco” …
Yes, we are committed to Musical and Cultural Bridges. So, building/rebuilding them – is our mission. 
Of course, this Ameropa’s 29th “Year of Healthy recovering” will be very crucial for continuing developing and involving from Faculty to Participants, our NEW Generation of MUSICIANS. 
We’re committed Together (Dohramody!) to a NEW Ensembles, AS THE MUSIC is our best recovery medication.  
Looking forward to hear from you, “Ameropeans”, the New and unforgettable Old friends!!
Many Great Notes and very soon!
Globally-musically yours,

Vadim Mazo

Founder and Artistic Director